Canadians Have Been Googling Memes All Year & Our Top Searches Are So 2020

2020 has been a wild ride!
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Canadians Have Been Googling Memes All Year & Our Top Searches Are So 2020

It’s been an unusual year for many Canadians, and our Google searches have apparently been just as unique. In particular, it seems we've been looking for a lot of 2020 memes!

This week, Google shared its Year in Search report, which explains exactly what Canadians have been looking for online.

While it’s clear we were searching for some serious answers to questions about the CERB and COVID-19 — we were also looking for many memes!

Over the course of the year, top trending searches in this category include quips related to Tiger King, Love is Blind and toilet paper, among others.

If you want to relive the year via memes, here’s what came out on top:

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Tiger King memes

While the Tiger King era feels like a distant memory now, it will remain a stand-out point in 2020 for many people. Released way back in March, it feels like it has been years since we all binge-watched this.

Quarantine memes

It’s hardly surprising that Canadians spent much of 2020 Googling quarantine memes. When we weren’t bulk-buying toilet paper and baking bread, we were clearly searching for quality meme content.

Among Us memes

Not only has this online multiplayer game been seriously popular for meme-lovers, but it’s also been used by the likes of Jagmeet Singh and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to get young people connected to politics. Pretty cool, eh?

Funny Valentine's memes

While pre-pandemic lovin’ seems like a long time ago, it’s clear we were all looking for unique ways to show our loved ones how much they mean to us.

Carole Baskin memes

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Tiger King memes were clearly not enough for us this year, as Canadians across the country also looked for Carole Baskin-inspired content.

2020 memes

It’s been a pretty wild year and perhaps we needed an outlet. Thankfully, memes were on hand!

Baby Yoda memes

Ever since Baby Yoda burst onto our screens via Disney+’s The Mandalorian, his little face has been perfectly meme-able. He’s got an expression for everything!

Love Is Blind memes

Love is Blindappeared on Netflix in Canada in early February, just before COVID-19 became a household term. Binge-watching this series feels like a lifetime ago, but we haven’t forgotten the jokes.

Joe Exotic memes

It truly seems like we were obsessed with this show in 2020. Between unusual costumes,wild road signs, and actually promising to break Joe Exotic out of jail — the world can’t get enough of this guy!

Toilet paper memes

The great toilet paper apocalypse was definitely a standout moment of this year and, thankfully, we’ve now got the memes to remember it!

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