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CERB Dominated Canadian Google Searches In 2020 & People Had So Many Questions

There were also more general queries, too! 💰
CERB Dominated Canadian Google Searches In 2020 & People Have So Many Questions

It’s been an unusual year for Canadians and the things we have been Googling in 2020 have reflected that. 

In particular, people in Canada have been extremely interested in the CERB, otherwise known as the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

This week, Google revealed their Year in Search report, which broke-down exactly what Canadians have been looking for online.

The CERB was a top trending search, according to the report, as were questions about how to apply.

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How to apply for CERB One of Canada's top trending questions in 2020

According to the report, the word “CERB” was not only one of Canada’s top searches overall but also one of the most frequent news-related searches in the country.

In addition to more general searches about the benefit, such as “CERB extension” there were specific questions like “How to apply for CERB?” too.

Canadians also had plenty of questions for the search engine that were not related to the federal funding, including things like “Why is it called COVID-19?” and “What is a pandemic?”

There were even queries like, “What does WAP mean?” and “Why are people buying toilet paper?”

Throughout the year, Canadians have also been researching definitions of many 2020-inspired words, in particular terms like “pandemic,” “social distancing” and “furlough.”

As part of the same report, Google also revealed that Canada’s top trending search wasn’t even about this country.

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