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Canada's Top 2020 Trending Definition Searches Were Revealed & We'll Define Them For You

Want to know what your fellow Canucks were searching on the world wide web this year? Well, thanks to Google's top Canada trending searches, we have some answers.

The information giant revealed what definitions Canadians sought out during 2020 and in case you missed the memo leave it to us to define them for you.   

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Definition: According to Google, the word pandemic was the number one google definition search to date in Canada. As defined, it is a disease turned outbreak that spreads over a whole country or the world.

Social distancing 

Definition: Per the CDC, social distancing, also know as physical distancing, is defined as keeping yourself at a distance from those not a part of your own household. Additionally, to successfully distance, a person has to be at least six feet apart from another person both indoors and outdoors.

Systemic racism

Definition: Systemic racism, also known as institutional racism, is defined as a form of racism incorporated into a society that can bring about issues such as discrimination in criminal justice, housing, employment, housing, health care, politics, education systems and more, according to Google.


Definition: According to Google, the word furlough means a leave of absence. Moreover, it can be seen as an alternative layoff where a worker can remain an employee but the company can't afford to actually pay them a full salary at a given time.


Definition: An epidemic is defined by Google as a "widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time." It differs from a pandemic in the way that it spreads more locally than on a global scale.


Definition: Asymptomatic, another widely search term, means that an individual is infected but never shows symptoms. This is different than pre-symptomatic, where a patient later develops symptoms.


Definition: The term queer is defined on Google as something being "strange" or "odd."

Today, however, it is used by sexual and gender minorities as a way to take back their power. It is also used to describe someone who is not heterosexual or cisgender.


Definition: The term BIPOC is an abbreviation of the words "Black, Indigenous, People of Color."


Definition: Google defines a caucus as a meeting where local members of a political party "register their preference among candidates running for office or select delegates to attend a convention."

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