Canada's Trending 'How To' Google Searches This Year Were So 2020

Lots of people wanted to know how to make hand sanitizer and cut their hair.
Google Search Trends In Canada Include 'How To' Queries That Were So 2020
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The Google search trends in Canada for this year are officially out and the "how to" queries were so 2020.

Now that the year is winding down, it's time to see what everyone has been searching for; Google released the trends for Canada on December 9.

When it comes to people looking up how to do things, so many of the top ones are things you might only understand if you experienced this year.

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How to apply for EI. Canadians searching on Google

The top trending search in Canada this year was "how to apply for EI." 

Next up were queries about how to make hand sanitizer, apply for the CERB, make a face mask and cut your own hair.

Canadians also looked up how to use Zoom, make a sourdough starter, get tested for COVID-19 and make whipped coffee.

The last trending one was "how to make bread."

Of those popular searches, the CERB was the one that came up multiple times in Google's year in review.

While this wasn't included in Canada's trends, Americans were looking up "move to Canada" quite frantically during the U.S. election.

Lisa Belmonte
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