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Over 1.3 Million Canadians Have Already Jumped Over To The New EI Program

Canadians are getting the help they need.
Over 1.3 Million Canadians Have Already Jumped Over To The New EI Program

It appears Canadians are getting much needed financial support after 1.3 million people reportedly jumped over to the new EI program, according to The Canadian Press

From technical difficulties to almost a quarter of a million people applying to the country's recovery benefit on the very first day of applications, it seems Canadians have finally found their way in navigating the new financial support systems.

Per the report, there have been more than 1.5 million submissions late this week, of those around, 1.15 million were automatically relocated to the new benefits when CERB ended.

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1.3 Million  Canadians jumped over to the new EI program

The numbers don't lie, and it's a big one.

According to The Canadian Press, they have gone from the fear of 87,000 applications in one day overwhelming the federal systems back in March to now handling well over 240,000 daily claims in October.

Figures also obtained by the news organization, shows that 84% of applications have already been processed and are ready to go, a good sign during a nerve ending transition for many Canadians.

The government says it's ready for more, as they expect four million people to use EI and the three other benefits if they're not eligible for EI.