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240,000 Canadians Applied For The New Canada Recovery Benefit In Just 1 Day

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CRB In Canada: 240,000 Canadians Applied On The First Day Possible

It appears technical glitches won't stop Canadians from getting the financial help they need.

That's because almost a quarter of a million Canadians applied for the country's recovery benefit on the very first day of applications.

The Canada Revenue Agency reportedly received 240,640 applications for the Canada recovery benefit (CRB) on Monday, according to CBC.

This new benefit guarantees $500 a week in the pockets of Canadians for up to 26 weeks.

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240,640 Canadians applied for the CRB

Additionally, it is open to individuals who don't qualify for employment insurance (EI).

The CRB, one of the three new benefits, comes after the Canada emergency response benefit (CERB) came to an end in September. 

The CERB dished out $81.64 billion to 8.9 million people, according to the report.

Of the new benefits, another 107,153 people applied for the Canada recovery caregiving benefit (CRCB) and 58,659 people applied for the Canada recovery sickness benefit (CRSB) since October 5.

The much needed financial assistance comes as the country grapples with the second wave of COVID-19.

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