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Justin Trudeau Said Canada Is At A 'Tipping Point' & That The Second Wave Is Here

"I know this is discouraging."
Justin Trudeau Said Canada Is At A 'Tipping Point' & The Second Wave Is Here

Canadians had to face down more discouraging news today, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the second wave was indeed underway.

During an October 9 press conference, Trudeau said that Canada is currently at a "tipping point."

He also said that the COVID-19 numbers across the country are higher than what was recorded in the spring.

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We are at a tipping point in this pandemic.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Even though what Trudeau had to report today was not what most people would want to hear, he did offer some encouragement to Canadians.

"We flattened the curve before, we can do it again," he said, adding that the country had more tools at its disposal.

He made reference to both the recent acquisition of rapid tests, as well as the continued expansion of the COVID Alert app.

Trudeau also announced more support for businesses that may be forced to close again in the form of the new Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy, which goes directly to businesses and not landlords.

"We know this second wave will be even harder for those who get hit," he said. "That's why our response needs to be targeted and effective."

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