Congratulations are in order! That's because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just took home the National Geographic’s Planetary Leadership Award on Thursday.

The yearly recognition is awarded to national leaders who make the effort to protect the environment.

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Canada has shown consistent international leadership by developing a credible and resourced domestic plan, making significant new progress in protecting lands and waters

- National Geographic 

“In recognition of his leadership in the protection of Canada’s marine and terrestrial life, we are pleased to present Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada with the Planetary Leadership Award,” National Geographic tweeted.

Less than one percent of Canada's marine areas were protected in 2015, and under Trudeau's leadership, it is now 14%, according to National Geographic.

They also applauded him for his terrestrial protection that has increased from 10.6% to almost 13%, with even more areas now in progress after his $1.3 billion “Nature Budget” plan in 2018.

They are calling this move the single largest conservation investment in Canadian history.

The award also comes just days after Trudeau announced that Canada would be banning single-use plastic across the country and what kinds Canadians would have to part ways with as early as next year.