Trudeau Says We've Been "Awakened" By The Protests Sweeping The World (VIDEO)

He noted that gradual change isn't enough.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Said Canada Has Been "Awakened" To Its Systemic Racism

There has been a call to action across the world to stand up against systemic racism. Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed Canada's own problems. He said that people had been "awakened" to what has been here for a long time.

Trudeau began his June 5 address by calling videos and reports of police brutality coming out across the country "disturbing," saying they bring systemic realities to light,

He also said he would be meeting later today with Cabinet and the RCMP commissioner.

"We need to ensure that each of these individual cases is investigated properly," he said, "but we also need a larger reflection on changing the systems that do not do right by too many indigenous people and racialized Canadians."

He said that far too many Canadians feel "fear and anxiety" at the sight of law enforcement officers due to the ongoing systemic racism throughout the country.

"Over the last few weeks, we've seen a large number of Canadians suddenly awakened to the fact that the discrimination that is a lived reality for far too many of our fellow citizens is something that needs to end, and that is what we are working on," the Prime Minister said.

Trudeau noted that while the federal government has authority over the RCMP, it would need to work closely with provinces and municipalities on their policing as well, saying that "concrete measures" needed to be put in place.

"We've made gradual progress over the years," he said, "but gradual progress, incremental progress, just isn't enough."

"We need to make stronger and bigger changes, and that's exactly what we're going to work on."

Trudeau concluded his address by talking about the protest happening in Ottawa and other cities.

"We have thousands of people stepping forward to highlight the challenges and to show that they want to be allies, and I salute the work they are doing," he said, adding that his government would be a partner.

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