Canada's Biggest Google Search For 2020 Wasn't Even About This Country

We seem to really care about our neighbours.
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Google Search Trends: Canada's Top One For 2020 Wasn't Even About This Country

When it comes to Google trends, Canada's top one of the year wasn't even about this country.

In the newly released Year in Search, the search engine shared what Canadians were looking up throughout 2020.

The U.S. election actually topped the list in this country.

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Two other election-related searches rounded out the top 10 for this year as people were looking up "Joe Biden" and "Trump vs. Biden."

"Coronavirus" was the second trending thing Canadians were looking up which is probably what was expected to be the top one.

It was followed up by searches for Kobe Bryant, Zoom, Raptors, CERB, Kim Jong Un and Naya Rivera.

Google also shared what "how to" queries people were looking up and they were so 2020.

The most searched for memes and definitions were released too as part of the Year in Search.

Lisa Belmonte
Trending Senior Staff Writer
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