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Canada's Ambassador To The US Is Rocking Red & White Mittens At Biden's Inauguration

Who hasn't had a pair of these gloves?
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Joe Biden's Inauguration: Canada's US Ambassador Is There & She's Wearing Canada Mittens

Canada's ambassador to the U.S. is at Joe Biden's inauguration in Washington, D.C. and she's rocking red and white mittens.

Kirsten Hillman shared a photo of herself on Twitter as she was leaving to head to the ceremony and she looks very Canadian.

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Hillman has on those red and white mittens that look like the Canadian flag.

We've all probably had a pair of those exact gloves or different versions of them at some point in our lives and they were probably from The Bay, or even Zellers!

She's also wearing a red scarf which completes the Canadian ensemble.

Hillman said that she's "honoured and excited" to be at the inauguration ceremony and used the hashtag "FriendsPartnersAllies."

Keeping with the Canada-U.S. connection, two Canadians had their song included on the official inauguration playlist.

Also, Kamala Harris spent many years living and going to school here!

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