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Canada Quiz Asks How Many Cities In The Country You Can Name & It'll Be Your New Obsession

There's a Canada quiz that asks you to name as many cities across the country that you can and it will become your new obsession.

If you're looking for something to help pass the time while you're at home, commuting or just whenever you need a break, this challenge will probably keep you pretty occupied.

With this quiz, there's a map of Canada and you can choose to type in names for the whole country or a specific province or territory.

Once you type in a name that's an actual city or town, a dot will appear on the map where it's located.

There's no time limit, so you can do this quiz for as long as you want and you can try it over and over again.

You can see stats on how many Canadian cities you named, the biggest ones, the northernmost ones, the province where you named the most places and more.

It also shows if you've entered the name of every capital city and a spot in every province and territory.

If you're looking for another Canada-themed quiz, you can take the Citizenship Challenge and put your knowledge of our country to the test.

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