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11 Photos Of The Trudeau Family Being Super Canadian & Enjoying Winter

Skiing, snowshoeing and snowman building!
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Justin Trudeau's Family Loves Getting Outdoors In The Winter & These Photos Show It

When winter comes around, Justin Trudeau's family loves to get outdoors and enjoy the season, which is so Canadian of them.

He and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau always share photos of their snowy family adventures so if you love winter but there's no fresh powder where you live, you can live vicariously through them.

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After a massive snowstorm hit Ottawa, Grégoire Trudeau posted a photo of the snowman they made and it even has a Canada scarf on!

If you follow Trudeau or Grégoire Trudeau on Instagram, you've probably noticed that the family goes skiing quite often and in this shot they posed with a heart cutout on a ski hill.

Trudeau shared this photo of him in dad mode, helping his youngest child Hadrien cross country ski.

When Hadrien was a bit younger, Grégoire Trudeau would attach a stroller on skis to herself and glide on the snow while he sat back and enjoyed the ride.

They've also gone ice fishing together as a family.

Grégoire Trudeau snapped this selfie of her and Ella-Grace while on an outdoor adventure and you can tell it was pretty cold out based on how rosy their cheeks are in the photo.

Trudeau posted this picture on Instagram of him, Sophie and Hadrien in the same woods in Gatineau where he used to spend time with his father and brothers.

The Trudeaus don't just enjoy the outdoors in Ontario and Quebec, they also made the most of winter on the slopes during a holiday trip in B.C.

While the family skies a lot, they also snowshoe and sometimes Hadrien needs a little help from his dad to get them on.

In this photo, they're also snowshoeing and even though Hadrien is being carried on Trudeau's back, he looks less than thrilled to be out in the snow.

Sometimes you just have to stop for a selfie while walking in the snowy woods!

    Lisa Belmonte
    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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