Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s Insta Live Gave An Inside Look At One Of Her Closest Friendships

She's been friends with Chantal Kreviazuk for 13 years.
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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's Instagram Live With Chantal Kreviazuk Showed Their Friendship

If you watched Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's Instagram live with Canadian musician Chantal Kreviazuk, you got an inside look at their 13-year friendship.

They started off with a disclaimer that when they usually FaceTime they don't look like they did on the live because they answer each other's calls no matter what they're doing.

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They shared how Grégoire Trudeau is known as "crazy auntie Sophie" because she would nibble on the nose of Kreviazuk's youngest kid when he was little.

"We've been thick as thieves for 13 years," Kreviazuk said.

She noted that her friendship with Grégoire Trudeau and even with Justin Trudeau doesn't revolve around politics despite his job.

The two of them bicker but then laugh and Kreviazuk recently sent Grégoire Trudeau a message that said "you're impossible" to which she responded with "I'm impossible?"

At one point, Kreviazuk was talking about yoga and Grégoire Trudeau started laughing and she immediately knew it was because they almost got kicked out of a class together once.

They're actually thinking of doing another Instagram live together of them doing yoga so keep an eye out for that!

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