Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s Instagram Posts Show How Normal Her Family Is

The prime minister's family — they're just like us.
Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's Instagram Photos Show How Normal Her Family Is
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One big happy family! Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's Instagram photos throughout the years show just how normal life is even though they're basically Canada's first family. Plus, all the posts are incredible.

Sophie shares so many relatable and real posts about life whether it be dealing with mental health issues, celebrating milestones with Justin or enjoying family time.

The Trudeaus carve pumpkins and dress up on Halloween, have picnics, go to hockey games and have low-key birthday celebrations just like the rest of us.

They also have COVID-19 on their minds.

Sophie and Justin's six-year-old kid asked his dad such a heartbreaking question about the pandemic.

On a lighter note though, here are 11 adorable photos from Sophie's Instagram that show just how normal her family is.

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Pumpkin carving

When it comes to Halloween, the Trudeaus don't mess around. However, it doesn't always go according to plan like this year when they left pumpkin seeds in the oven for too long and completely charred them. So relatable.

Going to the first day of school

Every year, Sophie posts adorable photos of the family walking along as the kids head off to school on the first day.

Having a picnic in the park

Who doesn't love a good picnic? Sophie called this one "magic" even though it was the middle of October and six-year-old Hadrien had to wear a jacket and gloves.

Having low-key birthdays

You'd think that there'd be lavish birthday celebrations in the prime minister's family but they like to keep it low-key. That's even more important to do this year because of the pandemic.

Marching in climate strikes

The Trudeaus attended one of many climate strike marches along with hundreds of thousands of people back in 2019 and they even brought homemade signs.

Going to hockey games

This is so Canadian! The family regularly heads out to see Xavier, the couple's oldest kid, play hockey. Just imagine going to a minor league hockey game and seeing Justin and Sophie there.

Dressing up for Halloween

While the Trudeaus won't be trick-or-treating this year, they've treated us to so many photos throughout the years of the family decked out in their costumes.

Playing games at home

There's nothing like a father-daughter game of Battleship. Sophie posts lots of photos of the family doing run of the mill things like playing board games and we'd like an invitation to game night!

Losing a tooth

A childhood right of passage we all go through that's so normal. However, for little Hadrien it was a bit different because thousands of people saw him lose his first tooth.

Doing puzzles as a family

This family was doing puzzles before it became the cool thing to do during quarantine.

Having fun in the winter

Snow and cold doesn't stop the Trudeaus from getting outdoors and enjoying nature. We can probably all relate to Hadrien not being impressed by the cold.

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