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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Gets Real About Her Struggles For Mental Illness Awareness Week

She did it from her favourite place in the world.
Sophie Gregoire Trudeau Mental Health Message

There's no shame in struggling with mental health. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau's mental illness awareness week message gets real about her own struggles and includes some encouragement for other people too.

In an Instagram story shot from what she calls her favourite place in the world, nature, Canada's first lady said that when she was younger she suffered from an eating disorder. 

She goes on to say that during the pandemic a lot of people have also struggled with their mental health.

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Get it out of you. Talk about it. There is no shame in struggling with mental health issues. 

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

"So many people are going through difficult times," she said and went on to add that there's still so much stigma but these struggles need to be talked about. 

"One of the most important steps on my path to recovery was to share my story and I encourage you to share your story and your experiences and your path of suffering with someone else," Grégoire Trudeau said. 

She concluded by saying that whatever you are going through you should reach out for help and then wished everyone well before blowing a kiss to the camera. 

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