Feds Say Sun Destination Ban Doesn't Mean You Can Go On Vacation Somewhere Else

Cancel your trips, Canada.
Canada's Sun Destination Ban Doesn't Mean You Can Go On Vacation Somewhere Else
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While Canada’s sun destination ban prevents travellers from visiting Mexico and Caribbean countries right now, one official has warned that this doesn’t mean a vacation somewhere else is acceptable.

In an interview with BNN Bloomberg, Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra explained that while trips in those spots were specifically suspended by the government, non-essential holidays elsewhere are also a no-go.

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We're calling on all Canadians to cancel all non-essential travel. Omar Alghabra

Alghabra confirmed that the reason those specific locations were included in a travel ban is that they are the most popular destinations for Canadians during spring break.

However, he noted that this “doesn’t mean that people can go on vacation to other places.”

“We’re asking them to avoid vacations everywhere else and we’re going to be monitoring it,” the minister added.

He acknowledged that many Canadians are accustomed to taking time off to go to warm destinations during March break, but said staying at home is another “essential” sacrifice.

It’s a message that’s been repeated by the prime minister on several occasions, with Trudeau even urging Canadians to cancel any trips planned within Canada.

While the federal government insists that less than 2% of all Canada’s COVID-19 cases are related to travel, the new rules reflect concerns about new variants of the illness that continue to be reported worldwide.

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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