Canada's New Rules For Both Air & Land Travel Now Have Start Dates

It's all happening in February!
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Canada's Travel Restrictions For Air & Land Have Start Dates

There are now start dates for Canada's travel restrictions that will impact travellers who arrive by air and by land.

As of February 15, all non-essential travellers coming to Canada by land will have to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken in the U.S. within 72 hours of arrival.

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February 22 Post-travel COVID-19 test and hotel quarantine will start

Starting February 22, travellers coming to the country by both air and by land will have to take a test upon arrival. 

Non-essential air travellers will have to get the test done before they can leave the airport and will have to quarantine at a hotel while they await the results. 

It's up to the traveller to book their three-night stay at a federally approved hotel and pay for it.

They have to reserve a room at a hotel in the city in which they arrived and if their test comes back negative they can head to their final destination in Canada.

If travellers are caught not following the rules, they could potentially face fines and jail time.

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