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The Canada-US Border Closure Has Been Extended Until September 21 (VIDEO)

"We will continue to do what’s necessary to keep our communities safe."
The Canada-US Border Closure Has Been Extended Until September 21 (VIDEO)

As the pandemic continues, so too does the Canada-U.S. border closure, which has now been extended another month to September 21. 

The announcement was first made in a tweet from acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, who also stated that the renewed border regulations include Mexico, and later echoed by Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bill Blair.

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The border between Canada and the United States has been closed to all non-essential travel since March, with travel restrictions most recently having been extended until August 21.

Even still, there were almost 5,000 Americans who attempted to cross into Canada for recreational purposes between March 22 and July 12, only to be turned away by the Border Services Agency.

Some Americans have used the Alaska loophole to cross into Canada, but CBSA created new rules to ensure that these people are actually travelling through the country without stopping.

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