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Over 9,000 Americans Have Tried To Get Into Canada To Shop & Go Sightseeing Since March

Still not happening.
Over 9,000 Americans Have Tried To Get Into Canada To Shop & Go Sightseeing Since March

One of the ongoing measures in the current pandemic is the Canada-U.S. border closure. This has been in place for months, and limits crossings to essential trips. However, that hasn't stopped some Americans from trying to go sightseeing and shopping up north.

The latest numbers from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) show that there have still been people attempting to enter the country from the United States for non-essential purposes over the last month. 

These travellers have been turned away. However, there are some new rules about who is allowed to cross.

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How many people tried to cross the border?

According to the most recent data from the CBSA, 19,511 American citizens tried to enter Canada between March 22 and October 1 only to be turned back.

On top of that, 2,903 foreign nationals from other countries were also denied entry after trying to go north from the United States.

The majority of these attempted crossings were by land, rail, and marine routes. A total of 1,187 U.S. citizens who flew to the True North were also not let into the country, along with 354 non-Americans.

Besides coming from the United States, a total of 519 travellers who flew to Canada from other countries were turned back because they did not meet the standards of entry.

Why did they want to come to Canada?

The CBSA reports that 5,930 Americans, along with 1,038 other foreign nationals, claimed they wanted to enter for the purposes of sightseeing or other tourist activities.

U.S. citizens who said they were travelling for recreational purposes totalled 2,440, in addition to 299 non-Americans trying to cross for the same reason.

Yet another activity that Americans are still trying to do in Canada is go shopping, with just over 1,000 Americans turned away. A total of 132 other foreign nationals had the same plans.

The majority of attempted border crossings are categorized under other reasons.

Who is allowed to cross the border?

Despite the ongoing closure, there have been some recent concessions made by the Canadian government on who is allowed to enter.

People who are in long-term relationships or have extended family in Canada are can now apply for permission to cross the border. 

This includes anyone who is in an exclusive relationship that has been ongoing for at least one year, as well as any children they may have.

Canada is also allowing entry to people for compassionate reasons, including critical injuries, life-threatening illnesses, or death.

International students will be allowed to enter starting on October 20 if they are attending a learning institution with a COVID-19 readiness plan in place.

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