7 Photos Of Canadian Celebrities As Kids That Are Adorably Awkward

Talk about a glow up!
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Canadian Celebrities Were So Adorably Awkward As Kids (PHOTOS)

Looking back through old photos can sometimes make you cringe and that's no different when it comes to snaps of Canadian celebrities when they were young.

Here are seven adorably awkward snaps of some of the country's most well-known people as kids.

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Ryan Reynolds shared this hilarious throwback photo of himself on Instagram and joked that he used to style his hair with a blowtorch back in the day.

Shawn Mendes graced us with this picture of himself in grade two where he was "rocking a black stud" earring and a haircut his mom gave him. "That's a pretty cool dude," he said.

This photo of Sandra Oh is apparently from when she was a student at Sir Robert Borden High School in Ottawa.

Speaking of high school, Dan Levy shared his yearbook photo from grade nine.

Justin Bieber posted this photo of himself as a kid and he said his little mullet was "sweet."

Shay Mitchell posted a photo of herself as a kid on Halloween and said the pumpkin was her "new friend."

Justin Trudeau has shared many photos from his childhood but this one takes the cake because of his messy hair and missing teeth.

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