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7 Dan Levy Moments That Showed Us Just How Proud He Is To Be From Toronto

Toronto is lucky to be able to claim a celebrity like Dan Levy as their own, and it seems like the love goes both ways.

Levy, who is most famous for playing David Rose on Schitt's Creek, grew up in Toronto, and he has never shied away from showing love for his hometown.

From marching in the city's Pride Parade to complaining about Toronto weather, Levy is a true Torontonian through and through.

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When he told Ellen about how polite Torontonians are

When Levy appeared on The Ellen Show in 2019, he made sure to let the American audience know just how great his hometown is.

Ellen told Levy she'd just visited Toronto and mentioned how polite everyone was — like the gent he is, Levy agreed.

"They say their please and thank yous," Levy said.

When he marched in the Toronto Pride Parade

Dan Levy's influence in creating space for positive LGBTQ2+ representation on television has had a worldwide effect.

But in 2018, Levy and the cast of Schitt's Creek brought the love home when they marched in the Toronto Pride Parade and stole the show with their David Rose quote t-shirts — "Into the wine, not the label."

When he proudly helped an American actor understand bagged milk

Bradley Whitford — of Get Out and The Cabin In The Woods — was completely lost when he purchased a bag of milk.

Without a clue of what to do, he tagged Dan Levy for help, and Levy came to the rescue like a true Canadian.

When he celebrated at the CN Tower

After winning big at the Emmy's, the CN Tower was lit up in gold to celebrate the achievements of the Schitt's Creek cast.

And Dan Levy and co. made sure to hit up the iconic Toronto landmark, taking time to pose for a selfie underneath that quickly went viral.

When he posted his Timmies order on Instagram

Dan Levy Is Back In Canada & Shows Off His Tim Hortons Order (PHOTO)

After arriving back in Canada — likely after travelling from his home in LA — Dan Levy did what any self-respecting Torontonian does: picked up a Timmies.

With an Iced Capp and what looks like a bagel or wrap on the dashboard, this might just be the most Canadian Instagram post of all time.

When he told Vogue why Toronto was better than L.A.

When Levy was featured on Vogue's 73 Questions interview at his house in L.A., he was asked about what Toronto has that makes it better than California.

His answer? "The seasons and nice people." We're sensing a theme here.

When he complained about Toronto weather on Twitter

What says "I love Toronto" more than complaining about the weather?

Levy's old tweets are a goldmine of pure Torontonian complaints, from cab fare to annoying condos to — of course — the weather, and if that doesn't make you realize Levy is truly from this city then we don't know what will.

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