Dan Levy Gave An American Actor A Tutorial On Milk Bags & Things Got So Canadian

Bradley Whitford was very confused by milk in a bag! 🥛😅
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Dan Levy Gave An American Actor A Tutorial On Milk Bags & Things Got So Canadian

Talk about wholesome! When American actor Bradley Whitford needed help to understand Canadian milk bags, Toronto’s Dan Levy was more than happy to oblige.

For non-Canadians, milk bags are apparently pretty confusing.

This became clear when Get Out and The Cabin In The Woods actor Bradley Whitford tweeted Dan Levy asking for some assistance with his bagged-up beverage.

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“I love you [Canada],” he wrote, sharing a picture of his milk bag. “But I don’t know how this works.”

After being tagged in the post, the Schitt’s Creek star was more than happy to explain.

“You might have to purchase a Canadian milk jug to house your Canadian milk bag. Plop the bag in, snip the corner of the bag, pour, et voila!” Levy responded.

However, it seems the American actor wasn't the only person confused by the milk. One Twitter user even responded to say they thought the photo was of a pillow! 

Levy is clearly super-proud of his roots and even gave the most Canadian speech ever when he won multiple Emmys earlier this month.

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