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Name a more iconic duo! Paul Rudd and Dan Levy were photographed having dinner together in London this weekend and, naturally, people on the internet are freaking out.

Aside from being super excited by the fact these two superstars were dining together in the first place, fans of both actors took to social media to say exactly the same thing — how old is Paul Rudd?!

The answer, it may surprise you to learn, is 52 years old.

"Paul Rudd has stopped ageing at 28. What sorcery is that!!!" one person commented on the photo, which was posted on Twitter by the restaurant owner.

Someone else joked, "I moisturize my face every time I see a picture of Paul Rudd." Another added, "FIFTY TWO BLOODY YEARS OLD! What is that guys deal?"

A fourth person simply said, "Never mind Paul Rudd not ageing, look at Eugene Levy!!"

Why were Paul Rudd and Dan Levy together?

Rudd and Levy, who is 37 years old, were pictured enjoying a dinner date at Indian restaurant Darjeeling Express in London's Covent Garden.

The company's owner, Asma Khan, told Narcity that Levy is just as lovely in real life as he appears to be.

"[He] was so kind — very emotional!" Khan confirmed. She noted that Levy was really kind to the restaurant's employees, too.

The photo has sparked rumours that Levy might be involved in the upcoming Marvel movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Production is currently underway in London, leading fans of the franchise to speculate that Levy could be involved.

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