Talk about range! Dan Levy’s facial expressions have been going viral on Twitter and it’s for the best possible reason.

On Monday, December 7, content-rating service IMDb asked the internet which TV or movie character has the best facial expressions.

The company asked for answers in GIF format only and based on the hundreds of responses, it seems there is one clear winner.

A significant number of people responded to the tweet to nominate David Rose (played by Levy) from Schitt’s Creek for the title.

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Responding to IMDb's post, one Schitt's Creek fan wrote, "Come on — there is only one correct answer," sharing a GIF of Levy.

Another fan shared a similar post of their own, writing, "The way this entire thread is just [Dan Levy] as it should be."

A third shared a similar sentiment, adding, “There are 2 types of people...Those who say @danjlevy. And those who are wrong.”

It’s not just fans on Twitter who are impressed by Levy’s acting skills. 

Earlier this year, the Canadian show swept the Emmys, taking home an award in all seven comedy categories.

The show did so well at the awards ceremony that Toronto’s CN Tower was lit up gold in celebration.

Canada loves you, Dan Levy!