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Dan Levy Has A Moustache Now & We've Got Some Casting Ideas

This is not a drill, Schitt's Creek fans: Dan Levy's moustache is real, and it's impressive.

Levy posted an Instagram photo with Happiest Season co-star Aubrey Plaza on Wednesday, June 23, and his fans were swept away by his new facial hair choice. The new lip foliage does pose an interesting question, though — is it work or pleasure? Is Dan Levy getting ready for a new role or is it just a classic case of barbershop closures during the pandemic?

Either way, here are the roles we think he could nail if he decides to let his moustache do the acting.

Levy's moustache is instantly reminiscent of what is perhaps Hollywood's most famous facial hair — Burt Reynold's lip duster. Levy's got a way to go until his moustache is as iconic, but a star turn in a Reynolds biopic wouldn't hurt!

Alan Light | Flickr, @instadanjlevy | Instagram

Levy's clearly pals with Aubrey Plaza, so maybe he'd be interested in a Parks and Recreation role — in a rebooted show as a younger Ron Swanson, maybe? We'd watch.

@parksandrec | Instagram, @instadanjlevy | Instagram

Speaking of iconic, Levy could pull a turn as cinema giant Daniel Plainview from 2007's There Will Be Blood. Daniel Day-Lewis does have large shoes to fill, but can Day-Lewis make the same facial expressions as David Rose? We don't think so.

IMDB, @instadanjlevy | Instagram

If Levy prefers to go down the indie route, what about a follow-up to 2013's classic Her? He's not quite as mopey as Joaquin Phoenix, but the '70s glasses, hair and stache all fit well!

IMDB, @instadanjlevy | Instagram

But Levy probably has quite a way to go before he can take on the ultimate moustachioed man — Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot, portrayed here by Kenneth Branagh. Keep growing, Dan — you can do it.

@orientexpressmovie | Instagram, @instadanjlevy | Instagram

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