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Catfight alert! These Canadian celebrity co-stars really didn't like each other while they worked on films and TV shows together. Their acting skills probably had you fooled into thinking that the on-screen couples and BFFs never harboured negative feelings towards each other.

Though they managed to get the job done in relatively cordial ways, for some of these actors the drama still continues while others have squashed their beef. 

Many of these Canadian actors and their co-stars worked together on movies and series for multiple years. So it might be surprising to find out that they were actually feuding when the cameras weren't rolling. 

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Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling 

That steamy love affair between The Notebook co-stars didn't start off so hot after all. According to Marie Claire, the actors, both from London, Ontario, could not get along at the beginning of filming, with Gosling even requesting that another actress come in to read for McAdams' part.

Kim Cattrall & Sarah Jessica Parker

Parker and B.C.-raised Cattrall may have played BFFs on Sex and the City for six seasons, but were reportedly always feuding.

US Weekly claims that, after the final season, they had a falling out when Cattrall found out that Parker was getting paid considerably more than her, though they've both "refuted claims of any animosity" that's occurred between them.

However, when Cattrall's brother tragically died in 2018, Parker sent her condolences to the actress. In an Instagram post, the 63-year-old publicly stated to Parker, "You are not my family. You are not my friend."

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder

Somerhalder and Toronto-raised Dobrev dated for three years in real life and played a couple on The Vampire Diaries. However, Slice claims that after their break-up, tensions got pretty high and the actress eventually left the drama series.

William Shatner & George Takei

Bad news Trekkies, but your fave stars have had bad blood for each other for over 40 years. The New York Post wrote that in an interview, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce-born Shatner said that Takei must have "such a sickness there, it’s so painfully obvious that there’s a psychosis there."

Shatner added, "There must be something else inside George that is festering, and it makes him so unhappy that he takes it out on me, in effect a total stranger."

Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic

The Castle co-stars may have gotten married on-screen but behind the scenes, there was tons of tension.

In 2016, a source told US Weekly that Katic and Edmonton-born Fillion "completely despise each other. They will not speak when they are off set, and this has been going on for seasons now." They even had to attend couples counselling together!

Dwayne Johnson & Tyrese Gibson

Johnson joined the Fast and Furious movie franchise in 2011. Marie Claire writes that Gibson was part of it from the beginning and got pretty offended when the Canadian actor ended up getting his spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw. Gibson even took out his anger in a furious Instagram comment.

Jim Carrey & Tommy Lee Jones

Newmarket-born Carrey worked with Jones on Batman Forever but apparently wasn't well-liked. The Hollywood Reporter claims that in an interview, Carrey shared that he once went over to say hello and saw the blood drain from his face.

"He got up shaking, he must have been in mid kill me fantasy or something like that," Carrey explained. "And he went to hug me and he said, 'I hate you. I really don't like you.'"

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