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New Canadian Housing Pain Index Finds That Most Residents Are Uncomfortable Or Miserable

When it comes to Canadian house prices, a new report has found that most residents are not feeling great about the market right now. 

The 2021 Housing Pain Index by the Angus Reid Institute surveyed over 5,000 Canadians and found that "at least 55 per cent of residents in every province canvassed are either Uncomfortable or Miserable." 

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Alberta had the worst results, with 35% of respondents feeling uncomfortable and 29% feeling miserable when it comes to housing. 

For the country as a whole, 36% of respondents feel uncomfortable while 24% feel miserable. 

Angus Reid also broke down the demographics for the "miserable" part of the population and found that they are young people most likely to have lower income, that 42% are renters, and that, while most of them want to get into the market, they reportedly can't afford it. 

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