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Houses In BC & Ontario Are So Much More Expensive Than The Rest Of Canada

The price difference between provinces is actually wild!
Canadian Real Estate Prices Are So Different From Province To Province

The Canadian Real Estate Association provides average prices for Canadian real estate across the country. 

According to the National Price Map, buying a home in British Columbia or Ontario would hurt your bank account way more than in the other provinces. 

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For example, the average price in Ontario is $864,159 as of February 2021 whereas right next door in Quebec, the average sits at $418,230. 

Meanwhile, that number lands at $887,695 in B.C. which is pretty pricey compared to Alberta, where the average is $418,403.

Over in Newfoundland and Labrador, real estate prices are sitting nice and low at $282,500 according to the map

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New real estate statistics show that home sales in Canada hit an all-time record high in March 2021 and cities in three provinces had huge gains.

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