Casper Is Hiring Professional Nappers & You Can Get Paid To Sleep On The Job

Show up for work in your pajamas!

A woman sleeping.
Associate Editor

A woman sleeping.

You can nap at work and get paid for it too!

The New-York-based mattress company Casper is looking out for people to sleep for a living and share their experience as professional napper on the company’s social media platforms.

"Join the Casper Sleepers and show off your sleeping skills in public, on social and anywhere else people are looking. So join us to literally sleep on the job because we believe a good sleep changes everything," reads the posting on the company’s website .

Job duties for "Casper Sleepers" include napping "in our stores, and in unexpected settings out in the world."

In other words, it’ll help if you’re one of those people who can sleep anywhere.

When the candidate is not sleeping, which will be rare, they will be required to share their experience by creating TikTok content across Casper’s social media channels.

Casper says the "dream candidate" for this job would be someone who has "exceptional sleeping abilities," a desire to sleep as much as possible" and "the ability to sleep through anything," among other qualifications. They should also be comfortable documenting their experience on camera and should possess a passion to talk about all things sleep on Casper’s social media channels.

Of course, showing up in pajamas is totally acceptable on this job. Besides sleeping, candidates will have access to free Casper products, and will also have flexible working (sleeping?) hours.

Casper hasn’t indicated a salary range in the posting. Job applications are open until 11 August to people above the age of 18, and New York residents are preferred for the job. Those interested can apply here .

The posting asks for all the things you’d expect from a job application, including a cover letter and resume, plus your social media handles and an explanation of why you’d be perfect for the job.

That means you can’t just apply for this job in your sleep!

Shradha Shahani
Associate Editor