Celebs Are Taking Sides On The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Verdict & It's Getting Really Messy

Some fans are not impressed.

Amber Heard. Right: Johnny Depp.
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Amber Heard. Right: Johnny Depp.

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With the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial now decided, a number of celebrities have hinted at who they might be siding with by showing their support on social media.

Wednesday's verdict in the defamation trial found mostly with Depp's claims, although Heard also won on one part of her lawsuit. The jury ended up awarding Depp $15 million and Heard $2 million.

Both sides had accused one another of abuse, and afterward Heard described it as a "setback" for all women who come forward with claims against powerful men. Meanwhile, Depp said he's now got his "life back," and his fans have applauded the verdict as "justice."

The verdict sent the former couple's followers, fans and even fellow Hollywood elite into a frenzy, with both of them receiving supportive messages on their respective statements issued over social media.

Celebrities such as Emma Roberts, Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer Aniston, Rita Ora, Hailey Bieber, Lucy Hale, Zoe Saldana and Jason Momoa all liked Depp's victory statement on Instagram following the trial. The post has been liked by over 17 million people already.

Momoa also liked Heard's Instagram statement in which she referred to the case as a "setback" for women. The two starred in Aquaman and are due to appear together again in Aquaman 2 next year.

Selma Blair also showed her support by liking Heard's post, which had about 326,000 likes on Instagram as of Thursday afternoon.

Other celebrities including Naomi Campbell, DJ Zedd and Ryan Adams posted about the verdict in their stories or left hearts on Depp's profile.

“I really shouldn’t be wading into this but multiple accounts that I follow and respect (lawyers, journalists) don’t like this verdict, so it gives me great pause. But I’m confused because we saw her caught in multiple lies on the stand. Honest question, what am I missing?” said actress Valerie Bertinelli.

Meanwhile, some fans blasted certain celebrities for siding with Depp, whom Heard accused of abusing her in several brutal ways.

"Ashley Benson Taika Waititi and Florence Pugh support Johnny Depp!!!!" said a user on Twitter.

"And f--- Florence Pugh!," tweeted @angeltit.

Heard's lawyer has said that she was "demonized" throughout the trial, and that the actress plans to appeal her case.

Cata Balzano
Global Staff Writer