There's A 'Wild West' Town In North Carolina & It's Got All The Red Dead Redemption Vibes

No cars allowed! 🐎
There's A 'Wild West' Town In North Carolina & It's Got All The Red Dead Redemption Vibes

Have you been itching for a vacation fit for a cowboy? Maybe you've recently rewatched Tombstone or played Red Dead Redemption and it's giving you all the western wanderlust. If you reckon you love everything that's "wild west," you'll be pleased to know you won't need to travel across the states to enjoy that atmosphere. 

Tucked away in rural North Carolina, only a short drive north of Charlotte is the hidden gem known as Love Valley

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Days go a little slower in this small town of no more than 100 people. It has all the simplicities a cowboy or cowgirl could dream of — but with all of today's modern amenities. 

But perhaps the most charming feature is that it's not only built to look like a wild west town in the 1800s but that the townspeople take their theme seriously. 

Featured is a saloon, general store and even a corral. Most authentic of all though is that no vehicles are allowed on the main strip, but there are plenty of horse hitching posts to park your pony at! Giddy up! 

The town itself is small and can be walked through easily in under an hour, however, there are miles of horse trails that surround the area just begging to be explored. You can even rent a trusty steed and saddle up for an adventure. 

But if you don't fancy yourself a horseman, you can simply grab something to eat at the cafe or stop at Miss Kitty's B&B for a snooze, then take a seat on one of the many wooden porches to admire the endearing atmosphere.

Here you can really let your mind wander as you escape reality and imagine a simpler world where gold mining and cattle roping were the only two things that mattered. 

Love Valley North Carolina

Price: FREE to visit!

When: 24/7, but store hours vary

Address: Love Valley, North Carolina 

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy all of the "wild west" charms without ever leaving the east coast.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.

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