If you need to make some money, there are Costco Canada jobs you can apply for that are regularly looked at for hiring.

The wholesale retailer had given employees a raise for working during the pandemic but then introduced a permanent pay increase of $1 an hour, which means all employees now start at $16 per hour and the average wage for hourly workers is $23.71.

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A cashier can actually make over $60,000 a year after six years of working and that's not even including benefits and paid sick leave.

If you're looking for work and the pay increase has you considering Costco, there's a list of positions that the wholesale retailer often looks to hire for and open roles include baker, cake decorator, cashier assistant, electronics/majors sales assistant, food service assistant at the food court, forklift/power equipment operator, gas station attendant, maintenance assistant, order picker, stocker, truck driver and more.

In the online job portal, you can start your application based on a position or a Costco location but whichever way you do it, you'll be able to select additional positions and locations you'd like to be considered for.