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9 Unbelievable Items You Can Actually Get At The Special New Costco In Ontario

It opens today and carries super-sized tubs of Nutella!
Ontario Associate Editor
9 Unbelievable Items You Can Actually Get At The Special New Costco In Ontario

It's official — the St. Catharines Costco Business Centre has finally opened, and it's bursting with wild items you won't find in other stores.

From super-sized tubs of Nutella to hundreds of croissants, you'll be in bulk heaven at this place, which is the fifth of its kind in Canada. 

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However, due to Ontario's current stay-at-home order, retail sales are restricted to essential products such as grocery and personal care items and a Costco spokesperson confirmed with Narcity that this location will be following the government mandate. 

Giant Barrel Of Maple Syrup

Price: $199.99

Details: Every true Canadian will be drooling over this massive barrel of maple syrup. You could eat endless pancakes and never run out of this deliciously sweet topping.

A Huge Box Of Cookie Dough

Price: $23.99

Details: You can turn your home into a chocolate chip cookie paradise with this frozen dough, which makes 120 delicious cookies.

3 Kg Of Nutella

Price: $20.99

Details: Calling all chocoholics! This enormous tub of Nutella will satisfy all your sugary cravings.

Massive Wheel Of Cheese

Price: $992.23

Details: You can eat yourself into a cheese coma with this monstrous 36-kg wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano, which basically costs a month's rent.

18 Kg Of Poutine Sauce

Price: $99.99

Details: As a staple Canadian food, it's hardly surprising that you can find a larger-than-life-sized tub of poutine sauce at this store.

10 Kg Of Peanut Butter

Price: $59.99

Details: You can go nuts for this giant tub of peanut butter, which is perfect for anyone who loves baking cookies.

208 Litres Of Olive Oil

Price: $899.99

Details: You can mix endless salad dressings with this colossal drum of olive oil.

204 Frozen Croissants

Price: $59.99 (get $20.00 off until April 25)

Details: You'll want to say, "oui" to this pack of 204 frozen croissants. You can spend every morning like you're in Paris with these.

3 Kg Of Cream Cheese

Price: $34.99

Details: If the cheese wheel was a little too big for you to handle, you could always grab one of these huge containers of cream cheese instead.

St. Catharines Costco Business Centre

Price: $60 annual fee

When: Opens April 8, 2021

Address: 3 N. Service Rd., St. Catharines, ON

Why You Need To Go: Shop for all sorts of wild items at Ontario's brand new Costco.

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    Madeline Forsyth
    Ontario Associate Editor
    Madeline Forsyth is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Toronto restaurants and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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