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Couples Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Totally DIY Without Spending A Ton Of Money

Inspo from Free Guy, Bridgerton, Wandavision, the Met Gala and more!

Couples Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Totally DIY With Items Available In Canada

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Halloween is just around the corner and whatever your plans are this year, there are some really great pop culture moments you can recreate.

You could dress up as Squid Game characters or copy literally any of the outlandish looks from the 2021 Met Gala. It's way more fun to dress up with someone else though, so if you have a partner or a BFF that's down, then here are some fun costume ideas suitable for a duo.

Guy & Molotov Girl From 'Free Guy'

Free Guy was a surprisingly heartwarming and equally exciting movie that blurred the lines between video games and reality. For Guy's outfit, you'll need a shirt like this light blue polo ($22.73) or this light blue button-up ($29.75) a striped tie ($19.99) and beige khakis ($25.73). You can complete the look with a name tag, coffee cup and some sunglasses.

For Molotov Girl's costume, you can get brown faux leather pants from Dynamite for $64.95. It's a great pair of pants that you can continue wearing all year round.

For accessories, you can get this small burgundy scarf for $12.99, these aviator sunglasses for $23.99 and these black suspenders for $18.99, all on Amazon Canada. Throw on a white shirt and black boots and you're ready to save the NPCs!

Beetlejuice & Lydia

Beetlejuice is a classic spooky movie and the wedding scene is ICONIC. To get Tim Burton's character looks, you'll need to pick up some face paint ($22.99), a burgundy suit ($199 and you can re-wear it!) and a white wig ($16.99). Under the suit, you can just wear any white shirt you have or go all out and get this ruffle shirt for $48 from Asos. Make sure to complete the look with a black bow tie for $9.99.

For Lydia's look, you can grab a ruffled red dress like this one from PrettyLittleThing for $75 and a roll of red tulle($9.12) for the veil. Pick up some fake roses and makeup from your local Dollarama and use a ton of hairspray to fluff up your 'do. These black boots from Amazon ($54.99 ) will complete the look.

Salt, Pepper & Cumin

Salt, Pepper & Cumin How I Met Your Mother | Netflix

If you have a pet or a BFF that loves to play the third wheel just like Ted, why not recreate this hilarious How I Met Your Mother costume?

You can grab a couple of these metal colanders for $11.54 and some adhesive felt rolls for $15.99 from Amazon Canada to cut out the letters that you can stick onto these t-shirts that are $4.66 and up.

Gomez & Morticia Addams

The Addams Family is another classic spooky season series and the macabre parents are the couple to channel this Halloween. For Gomez's look, all you need is a striped black suit ($129.99+) and a pair of fake hands ($25.66). Oh, and you'll need a LOT of hair gel!

To emulate Morticia, all you need is a black maxi dress ($35.99), some dramatic eye makeup and a long black wig ($29.99).

Wanda & Vision

WandaVision was a super unique series that took us through different decades and looks, but their Halloween costumes are what most people will want to copy this year. You can find everything you need on Amazon Canada.

For Wanda's costume, you can layer this red bathing suit ($30.95) on top of pink leggings ($20.90) and finish off the outfit with red gloves ($12.64) and a red cape ($16.99). You can easily DIY her headpiece with some red cardstock paper from Dollarama.

For Vision, you'll need a teal bodysuit ($48.89), a yellow cape ($30.50), some yellow shorts ($25.07), and, of course, some red face paint ($13.99).

Moira & Johnny From 'Schitt's Creek'

The Rose family is eccentric and so entertaining to watch as they navigate their way through life on Schitt's Creek.

For Moira, you can get away with wearing pretty much anything black with this silver statement necklace that's $28.99 on Amazon Canada.

For Johnny, you'll need a grey suit like this one that's $199 on RW&CO and a dark eyebrow pencil from your local drug store.

Schmidt & Jenko From '22 Jump Street'

Sony Pictures Entertainment | Youtube

This dynamic duo played by Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill made us laugh so hard on 22 Jump Street and they're an easy pair to replicate on Halloween.

Tatum's tank top can be found on Redbubble for $27.69 and the same seller also has Hill's spring break shirt for $23.54. To really complete the look, grab this red and white Hawaiian shirt ($27.20) and a pair of cheap red sunglasses from Dollarama.

Kendall Jenner & Kim Kardashian At The 2021 Met Gala

There were so many hilarious memes about the 2021 Met Gala, but one of the most popular ones was made from a photo of Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian in a full black bodysuit.

For Kendall's dress, this Shein maxi dress ($50) is an affordable option you can adorn with jewelry like this rhinestone choker for $3 and these body chains for $10.

For Kim's look, you'll need a black bodysuit ($36.99) and a face mask ($9.99, and you can actually see out of this it!). You can finish the look off with black gloves ($10.99) and a black cape ($28.73) all from Amazon Canada.

Daphne Bridgerton & Simon Basset

Netflix's Bridgerton took the world by storm late last year with its beautiful imagery and eclectic characters.

For Daphne's look, you'll need a blue babydoll dress with puff sleeves like this one for $23 on SHEIN, and a pair of long white gloves ($14.99).

To channel Simon, you just need a black three-piece suit ($136.30) and a renaissance shirt ($31.99).

Chandler & Monica From 'Friends'

Going as Monica and Chandler this Halloween is so easy. You can find everything you need on Amazon Canada.

You can replicate Chandler's bunny costume with this pink bunny onesie ($70.99).

For Monica's Cat Woman costume, you can get this black faux leather jumpsuit f$70.20 and these black cat ears for $14.99.

Lily & Frank From 'Jungle Cruise'

Lily & Frank Disney | Youtube

Jungle Cruise is a visually stunning Disney movie and the Rock and Emily Blunt did an amazing job playing two explorers looking for an ancient tree.

If you're going to dress up like Frank, you'll need beige suspenders ($15.99), abeige striped button-up ($59.99) and a beige hat ($20.99).

To dress up as Lily, you'll need a blue button-up shirt ($24.36), a tan fedora ($28.77), a thick brown belt ($30.99) and a red bandana ($5.99) all available on Amazon Canada.

Veronica & Ron Burgundy From 'Anchorman'

Anchorman is one of the funniest movies of the early 2000s and has been trending lately on Netflix, so you can pay homage to your favourite characters this year.

For Ron Burgundy's costume, you can use the same suitwe recommended for the Beetlejuice costume and pair it with whatever tie you have lying around the house (or borrow one from your dad!) and one of these fake mustaches for $8.79 on Amazon Canada.

For Veronica's look, you can get this pink tweed blazer for $54 and a matching tweed skirt for $15 on SHEIN. To achieve her signature big curls, you'll need a one-and-a-half-inch curling wand ($44.48) or a blonde wig ($15.53).

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