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Grimes’ Chaotic Met Gala Outfit Involved A Sword & A Metallic Face Mask

She also petitioned Joe Biden for a green card.

Grimes’ Chaotic Met Gala Outfit Involved A Sword & A Metallic Face Mask

The 2021 Met Gala got underway and Vancouver-born singer Grimes showed up on the red carpet wearing what can only be described as a truly unique outfit.

On September 13, the Canadian musician graced the illustrious event wearing a gauzy white dress with chrome accents, a metallic face mask, a gravity-defying ponytail, and, of course, a sword.

The singer told Vogue the dress is inspired by the book Dune, which ties in with the theme for this year's event — "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion."

The Met Gala is known for wild and outlandish looks, so if there was ever a time to use a sword as an accessory, this is probably the right event for it.

Grimes also used her time on the red carpet speaking to Vogue to state that while she is Canadian, she is hoping Joe Biden will give her a green card.

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