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Someone Came To Nova Scotia From The US & Is Linked To 4 New COVID-19 Cases In PEI

Contact tracing continues to be done.
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COVID-19 In PEI Has 4 New Cases Linked To Someone Who Came To Nova Scotia From The US

This breaks a two-month streak without new cases of the virus. These cases of COVID-19 in P.E.I. have been traced back to someone who came to Nova Scotia from the U.S. That person is currently under federally mandated quarantine in the province.

On July 5 and July 6, five new COVID-19 cases were reported in P.E.I. with four of those being linked back to a U.S.-originated traveller.

A man and woman in their 20s who are connected both tested positive after the man travelled to Nova Scotia and came into contact with someone from the U.S.

Then a day later, two men in their 20s who are close contacts of the man from the previous day also tested positive for the virus.

The source of these new cases is not a resident of Nova Scotia. According to the province's website, they were passing through from the U.S. to P.E.I.

That person tested positive on July 5.

The provincial government said that the person is being quarantined under federal authority there.

That's because they are still under the 14-day isolation period after entering the country required by Canada's Quarantine Act.

According to the CBC, the person came into the country on June 26 to join colleagues but didn't actually end up in P.E.I. like they were supposed to.

These four new cases in P.E.I. linked to the U.S. traveller, plus the one that's unrelated, breaks a two-month stretch of no new cases.

Dr. Heather Morrison, the province's Chief Public Health Officer, called those four cases a "cluster."

She said this acts as a reminder that COVID-19 is still present and there needs to be vigilance.

The people were supposed to be self-isolating because they had come back from Nova Scotia before the Atlantic bubble was lifted.

On July 7, no new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the four Atlantic provinces.

With the new cases related to the person who travelled from the U.S., P.E.I.'s total has been brought up to 32 cases, with 27 considered recovered.

The province still has the lowest number of total cases of all of the Atlantic ones.

    Lisa Belmonte
    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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