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A COVID Nurse Shares Before & After Photos Depicting The Toll Months Of Working Has Taken

An ICU nurse shared before and after photos this week depicting what months of working in a hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic does to someone.

The nurse, Kathryn, is relatively new to the field, having only started as a nurse eight months ago in Tennessee, right as the pandemic hit.

She shared the photo to show the world how the pandemic has affected healthcare workers physically.

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She labeled the photos "how it started" versus "how it's going."

She loves being a nurse and treating patients is "an honor" to her.

She used the platform from the viral tweet to promote common sense and protecting not only yourself but those around you.

She received an immense amount of love and support from people on Twitter. 

Many have reached out to Kathryn offering her aid, but she declined and has instead set up a thread of organizations for people to donate to in her honor.

She also asked other healthcare workers to share their own "how it started" versus "how it's going" photos.

Kathryn speaks out about the pandemic constantly, in more than just pictures.

She also talks about her everyday experiences in Nashville.

Kathryn continues to promote and share her own stories on Twitter every day, as well as retweet stories from healthcare workers going through the same thing she is.

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