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8 Awesome Gifts For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Astrology

Especially you, Scorpio! 👀

Senior Editor, Studio
8 Awesome Gifts For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Astrology
Urban Outfitters | Free People

We are in what a lot of people call the "astrology boom" right now and there's no telling when or if it'll ever burst.

If you and your friends can't stop sending each other zodiac memes, then chances are they'll love these astrology-themed gifts for upcoming birthdays, showers and other milestone anniversaries.

Tiny Zodiac Necklace


Price: $41.66+

Details: This dainty necklace can be customized to include your initial next to your zodiac sign. You also get to pick between 14k gold or rose gold but the price varies depending on chain length.

$41.66+ on ETSY

Gemini AF Shirt


Price: $16.37+

Details: We still have a few weeks of Gemini season left so it's not too late to grab a shirt for yourself or a friend. Not a Gemini? You can find shirts with other signs that come in different colours like green, pink and blue.

$16.37+ on ETSY

The Astrology Of You And Me Book


Price: $24.99 USD

Details: This 344-page illustrative book can teach you how to live and work harmoniously with other star signs like those stubborn Tauruses (hello!) and indecisive Libras.


Personalized Handmade Astrology Birth Charts


Price: $49

Details: This Canadian seller on Etsy can make personalized charts for you and your friends. A lot of people left positive reviews saying how stunning it turned out and how quickly it shipped. It doesn't come in a frame, though, so that's something you will have to look into on your own.

$49 on ETSY

Zodiac Glow LED Signs

Urban Outfitters

Price: $54

Details: Wouldn't this look so good over your bed? Alternatively, you and your roommates can hang a bunch of them over the TV in the living room. The unfortunate thing is these items are on backorder and won't ship out until July 14.


Zodiac Tote Bag


Price: $18.92

Details: Just in case anyone needs a refresher on what each sign represents. You or your friend can parade your zodiac sign proudly in this cotton tote bag that's perfect for carrying books and groceries.

$18.92 on ETSY

Star Signs Embroidery Kit


Price: $26.99

Details: If you have a Pisces in your life, they'd probably love this because they get to show off their creative chops. It has everything you need to make two projects which you can either keep for yourself or give away to someone else.

$26.99 on INDIGO

Wild Rose Zodiac Sign Candle

Free People

Price: $38.72

Details: Each candle features a refreshing scene of Hawaiian Awapuhi, Aloe and Agave that transports you to a tropical paradise. Each zodiac sign has its own special graphic design that's fun and colourful.

$38.72 on FREE PEOPLE

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