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Victoria Zito in a black top and pants. Right: Zito in Paris wearing a purple dress.

Victoria Zito in a black top and pants. Right: Zito in Paris wearing a purple dress.

Bravo recently came out with a new reality TV show. This time, it's not about the ostentatious lives of housewives or lively friend groups in the U.S.. The Real Girlfriends In Parisprofiles six women who have left America behind for the City of Love, and one of them, Victoria Zito, got her start in the Lone Star State.

Zito, a fashion designer, was born and raised in the Dallas suburb Sunnyvale, TX long before enjoying adorable French cafés with her besties and attending exclusive shows at Paris Fashion Week.

The 26-year-old has not been quiet about the difficulties she had living in Texas, but still shows much pride in her home state, as it's quite literally mentioned in her Instagram bio.

Victoria Zito's Instagram bio. Victoria Zito's Instagram bio. @victorialzito | Instagram

The Parisian expat left Dtown behind in 2017 for a full-ride scholarship opportunity to attend Parsons Paris, where she learned all things fashion design and traded her Texas ways for the French lifestyle.

However, she briefly moved back to Dallas when the pandemic hit in 2020 as she posted photos from her apartment in Lower Greenville while "quarantining" like most of the world then.

Zito officially came out as a bisexual woman on the show's premiere when she also emotionally noted that living in the Southern state was difficult for her. She mentioned feeling like she was expected to marry a man and actually did to seek approval from her "conservative Texas family."

She was married for three years and is now divorced and seemingly living her best life in Europe. She told E! News that moving from Texas to Paris helped her explore her sexuality and become her "authentic self."

These days, the TV star is living between there and LA serving as the head designer for fashion brand Chloe Colette.

Zito officially moved back to Paris in 2021 where the Bravo show depicts her experience with dating women.

The new TV celebrity regularly gets some Bravo-centered advice from her "second mom" Dallasite Kary Brittingham who starred on The Real Housewives of Dallas for two seasons.

Zito told Entertainment Tonight that she regularly calls the Highland Park mom up, who she has known since age 17, especially for some wisdom on how to deal with the feedback from fans.

The Real Girlfriends star did not immediately respond to Narcity's request for comment.

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