Texas Author Colleen Hoover's Viral Book Is Getting A Movie & Here's Everything We Know

Get your tissues ready.

Colleen Hoover posing with her keyboard. Right: Hoover posing with a display of her books at a store in Texas.
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Colleen Hoover posing with her keyboard. Right: Hoover posing with a display of her books at a store in Texas.

TikTok trends have made reading books a popular niche called “BookTok." Literature fans share their favorite novels and recommendations constantly, and Texas author Colleen Hoover is all over them.

She wrote one of the most well-known novels on the app, It Ends With Us, which garnered a sizeable following since its publication in 2016.

In fact, this book became one of the most recommended by creators, according to Insider. So, let's go over all we know about the famous Texan and her viral romance novels.

What is Colleen Hoover's best selling book?

It Ends With Us is Hoover's best-selling story by a long shot. After all, the novel outsold the Holy Bible by three million copies in 2022.

Hoover has published over 20 books in the young adult fiction and romance categories, and they are all widely talked about on BookTok, which is where many new readers found her stories.

"I cannot stop reading your books," one user commented on one of Hoover's videos. "I read one thanks to TikTok, and now I have been reading them non-stop."

It seems many users are still discovering It Ends With Us as TikTokers share their often teary-eyed reactions to the novel nearly every week on the app.

What was It Ends With Us about?

The popular book is based on the tumultuous relationship of Hoover's parents with references to domestic violence and toxic relationship situations.

It follows the main character Lily Bloom, who falls into an abusive relationship with surgeon Ryle Kincaid.

However, as their relationship goes south, an old figure from Bloom's childhood, Atlas Corrigan, shows up in her life again, and plenty more drama ensues.

We won't spoil anything else. You'll just have to find out yourself.

Is It Ends With Us getting a movie?

The popular novel is currently being adapted into a screenplay, actor Justin Baldoni announced in 2019. He said his company, Wayfarer Studios, would bring Hoover's characters to life on camera.

In an October 2021 TikTok, Baldoni shared that the first draft of the script was finished, prompting fans to share their excitement in the comment section of the post. Any time he mentions the novel in videos, he gets an outpour of comments suggesting things like who the cast should be.

However, it's all warranted as he and Hoover say they want IEWU fans' input involved in the development of the movie.

This article has been updated since it was originally published on August 02, 2022.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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