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Lily Bajor From 'Dated & Related' Went From Texas Cocktail Waitress To Netflix Star

From Houston & Dallas to London to Ibiza!

Texas Staff Writer
Lily Bajor at Caribana Festival. Right: Bajor in front of the Dallas, TX skyline.

Lily Bajor at Caribana Festival. Right: Bajor in front of the Dallas, TX skyline.

Yet another dating show has come from Netflix, and this time it's about siblings being forced to date in the same villa in order to win $100,000. Dated & Related''s pair of sisters Mady and Lily Bajor are making waves in the reality series and they proudly come from Houston, Texas.

While Mady has long moved on to Florida, her big sister is still spending a lot of time in the Lone Star State when she isn't globetrotting. The Bajors are still close and meeting in Houston, according to Instagram.

Lily graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX back in 2021. She's currently a cocktail waitress, as per her Netflix bio, while she works as a social media manager for Randall Dentistry, based on her LinkedIn account.

The 22-year-old was on the cheer and pom team during her time at the private Christian college and helped them win a National championship title at the NCA College Nationals in 2021.

When she wasn't cheering on the Mustangs, she was spending time parading around the North Texas city with her friends, which is something she still appears to do occasionally.

However, now that she's a college grad, it seems she has more time to explore the world, like the pristine beaches of Turks and Caicos, clubs in Ibiza, as well as jet off to Europe to star in a Netflix series.

The Bajor sisters' have roots in the Space City, so no matter how far away the self-proclaimed "Texas girl gone international" travels, Lily will always have the Lone Star State to come home to.

Bajor didn't immediately respond to Narcity's request for comment.

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