A Texas Mom Is Looking For A Date For Her 22-Year 'Broke' Son & Thousands Want To Apply

He still needs a partner for his brother's wedding this weekend!

Rowdy Robinson's mom in the viral TikTok. Right: Robinson in blue overalls, a black short, and black hat.
Texas Staff Writer

Rowdy Robinson's mom in the viral TikTok. Right: Robinson in blue overalls, a black short, and black hat.

Some family members become desperate when a relative is having bad luck finding a romantic interest. This is the case of a Texas mom who recently took her son's TikTok account and posted a plea in an attempt to find him a date to attend his brother's wedding. The ceremony will take place on October 22, 2022.

Rowdy Robinson, from east Texas, says he has now received over a thousand comments and DMs from hopefuls eager to assume the role of his date for the family member's nuptials — all thanks to his mom.

"I haven’t found a date yet," Robinson told Narcity. "I had one, but she had some plans come up, so it didn’t end up working!"


This was 100% her idea. #texas #dating #etx #wedding

The previous TikTok video, which the user mentioned was entirely his mother's idea, was posted on October 3 and has received over 330,000 views since then. In it, the woman asks for help to find a worthwhile date for her 22-year-old son to attend her other son's wedding.

However, the parent warns that "gold diggers" should avoid applying, as Rowdy apparently has no money to his name.

Despite that detail, there seem to be plenty of people in the comments who wish to apply for the position as if it was a job posting on LinkedIn.

The comment section on Robinson's TikTok.The comment section on Robinson's TikTok.rowdyjake5 | TikTok

The man has received attention from users all over the Lone Star State, like several Houstonians and some San Antonians. There are even some who are willing to travel from out of state.

Although there are plenty of applicants ready to attend in the clip's comment section, Robinson says he is still looking for the right date for Saturday.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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