A Texas Bride Kicked Out 'Drunk' Wedding Crashers & People Are Divided On How She Handled It

She said she was called a "Karen".

Paige in her viral TikTok. Right: Paige showing a picture of the wedding crashers in her TikTok.
Texas Staff Writer

Paige in her viral TikTok. Right: Paige showing a picture of the wedding crashers in her TikTok.

A Texas bride kicked out a random "drunk" couple who crashed her recent wedding, and everyone's opinions are split on how she handled it.

Paige (@deconstruct_with_paige) shared in a viral TikTok video that her Boerne, TX, nuptials were attended by an unwelcome man and woman who were problematic and "made themselves present in private moments."

She posted the story to social media on Monday, and the clip already has 4.5 million views from social media users who are shocked at the situation.


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The bride said she first noticed the woman during the 200-person reception when she was seen acting intoxicated and "grinding" on some of the bridal party.

The woman eventually went up to Paige, acting as if she knew the couple and wished them well.

"I think she thought that I would feel so bad that I couldn't remember her that I just wouldn't question it," the newlywed said in her viral clip.

And she did.

After mulling over her identity for 30 minutes, Paige got her wedding planner to ask the woman who she was, to which the crasher said she lived at the neighboring ranch.

Paige showing a picture of the wedding crashers.Paige showing a picture of the wedding crashers.deconstruct_with_paige | TikTok, Anthony Gauna Photography

The intruders were very obvious and did not attempt to hide the fact that they were attending a special occasion they weren't invited to. The two were even adamant about getting photos taken by the photographer.

"On top of that, we still have pictures where you can see them dancing on a pretty much empty dance floor with just the two of us," the Texan points out in a second post.

Once everyone figured out they had no clue who the strangers were, the bride's mom and the Sheriff escorted them off the property.

Paige admits in the previously mentioned clip that she would have let them stay if they weren't so obnoxious.


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The comment section on her first video has been hidden and turned off. However, many people shared their opinions on her second post.

They’re evidently divided on what actions they would have taken in her position.

"It’s wild to me that my comments are 1/3 'you’re a lame Karen,' 1/3 'no you’re right,' and 1/3 'you should’ve been harsher,'" Paige commented on her second video.

Besides the people who are saying she should have just let them stay, there are plenty of viewers who believe kicking them out was the right choice.

Part of the comment section on Paige's second TikTok video about her wedding.Part of the comment section on Paige's second TikTok video about her wedding.deconstruct_with_paige | TikTok

On the contrary, some say that having their event crashed is a dream of theirs.

"Crashing a wedding is on my bucket list. I would die in love with this couple if it was me," another user commented. "They had the best night and gave you a story."

Paige admits she still has no idea who the couple is and how they found out about the wedding, as the ranch is not a place you just "stumble by."

She theorizes that the crashing couple found out about it on a wedding website and randomly decided to attend.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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