A Texas Dad Is Viral For Still Being Drunk After His Wife Gave Birth Unexpectedly (VIDEO)

He packed bathing suits for the hospital.

The dad in a white shirt and red shorts. Right: The dad holding his newborn baby.
Texas Staff Writer

The dad in a white shirt and red shorts. Right: The dad holding his newborn baby.

Some babies make their debut into the world in many unexpected and unseemly ways. This is the case of a Dallas, TX mom who recently posted a memory on TikTok of when her water broke four weeks earlier, in the middle of the night, following the Fourth of July celebrations.

According to Hannah Barnett's (@nottherealhannahb) post, her husband was still intoxicated during the entire early labor and delivery.

The Dallasite shared a video on Thursday that shows the flustered soon-to-be-dad trying to fathom the situation while helping his wife prepare for the hospital. The post has over 1 million views, and people are laughing at the man's reactions.


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The series of clips show a visibly distressed man pacing around and trying to understand his wife's orders after her water broke at 4 a.m.

In the previous video, you can hear Hannah asking Cole to relax and pack three days' worth of clothes. She later mentioned in the caption that he ended up packing three swimsuits for the hospital, a detail many viewers found funny.

The comment section is flooded with people's opinions, some of whom are parents, applauding the new mom's patience.

The comment section of @nottherealhannahb's viral TikTok.The comment section of @nottherealhannahb's viral TikTok.nottherealhannahb | TikTok

Some users are even saying they plan in advance to avoid similar circumstances.

"My husband and I made a pact that he wouldn’t drink from 36 weeks and on because this is exactly how it would go lol 😂 this is great!" one user commented.

All in all, following the abrupt birth, the new dad is seen beaming with his newborn child.

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Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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