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This Texas Tattoo Artist Is Viral For Replicating Paintings So Precisely On People’s Bodies

"Getting a tattoo from you is definitely on my bucket list 😭🤩"

Texas Staff Writer
Deanna James. Right: A tattoo done by James.

Deanna James. Right: A tattoo done by James.

When people elect to ink their bodies, the art styles they settle on come in many forms. In the world of body modification, options are endless.

A Texas tattoo artist's TikTok video, which showed her meticulous work to create realistic recreations of fine artworks recently went viral, and now thousands of people want to get her to do their body art.

Deanna James owns Eden Body Art Studios in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, and her recent TikTok post on August 26 has gained 1.6 million views. It highlights the artist's favorite method of creating vibrant and detailed designs.


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In the clip shared by James' studio account @edenbodyartstudios, you can spot freshly tattooed arms with replications of famous artworks like Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring and Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus.

There are 2,000 comments from users who are most impressed by the fastidious likeness that the permanent designs show.

Some of them are wanting to flock to the Texas studio commenting things like: "getting a tattoo from you is definitely on my bucket list 😭🤩" and "I will fly to Texas to get tattooed by you" — to which the shop reminded them that they are conveniently located near two of Dallas' airports.

However, there are some who question how well the tattoos will look in a couple of years.

"But won’t these just be large smudges/blobs after a few years?" a tiktoker commented. Various tattoo artists and others replied to the comment saying that taking care of it well enough should keep it looking fresh.

James is no stranger to fame, as she starred in the reality show Ink Master season 10, and is currently starring in season 14 playing on Paramount+.

The artist didn't immediately respond to Narcity's request for comment.

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