Christmas in Dallas is normally filled with bright lights and plenty of holiday joy, but one bar in the city is taking things to a more spooky level.

The ABV Establishment, located above Leela's Wine Bar in Dallas, just got decked out top to bottom in decorations that resemble the sets of "The Nightmare Before Christmas," bringing in a very different vibe for you to experience this holiday.

The bar is serving up multiple different Tim Burton-themed cocktails for you to enjoy in the slightly-secret room.

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6 "The Nightmare Before Christmas" themed cocktails

Once you head upstairs to the semi-hidden bar you'll find dimmed lights and a layer of fog setting the scene for a Christmas spot truly unlike any other in The Big D.

If you're looking for more on-brand Christmas vibes, you can simply head downstairs to Leela's Wine Bar, where you can grab wine and brunch underneath hundreds of holiday decorations.

The "Nightmare Before Christmas" themed pop-up bar will up all month, so you have plenty of time to experience the most unique holiday bar in all of North Texas.

Leela's Wine Bar (ABV Establishment) 

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Cocktails/brunch 

Address: 1914 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX

Why You Need To Go: This secret spot is truly unlike anything else happening right now throughout Dallas. The Tim Burton cocktails paired with the amazingly spooky decor set the tone for an unforgettable Christmas evening.