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One point of disconnect for many couples could be discussing interests and topics like sports. Fortunately, a Colorado woman is making it easier to communicate for those with romantic partners who are obsessed with the National Football League (NFL) and Fantasy Football.

TikTok user Sunny Hampton (@sunnyhampton1) is a self-proclaimed sports fan living in Denver, CO. The woman has been posting weekly videos full of football jargon that people can use when texting their significant other to appear like they understand the subject.

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During Thursday night football, the Denver Broncos lost 12-9 against the Indianapolis Colts, and their Quarterback, Russell Wilson is taking the blame. Twitter fans are dragging his wife, Ciara, because of it.

According to the team's website, Wilson took responsibility in a press conference and said that "at the end of the day, I've got to be better. I've got to be better."

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Buffalo Bills outside linebacker Von Miller's ex, Megan Denise, seems to be staying away from drama and focusing on her career and family.

The couple went through a controversial case where Denise claimed on social media that the NFL player was being verbally abusive to her in 2021. Miller denied these accusations.

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Denver Broncos' quarterback Russell Wilson recently signed a major deal agreeing to a 5-year extension contract with the team worth $245 million.

His loving wife and musical icon Ciara took to Twitter to express her love, writing:

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