Tensions are rising among fans and some employees of Disneyland California regarding the continued closure of the park due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Since complaints from the California Attractions and Parks Association aren't seeming to affect Governor Gavin Newsom's historically cautious approach to reopening Disneyland, fans have decided to take matters into their own hands by organizing rallies and creating petitions.

Their message is simple: They want the park open and they want the park open yesterday.

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2,862 signatures on the "Reopen Disneyland" petition, at the time of publishing.

On Saturday, Disney lovers rallied outside of the park, with some of them holding signs listing their demands. 

Several employees took part in the protests, including organizer Natasha Ramirez (a former employee), and while they claim to be doing this to stand "for all the 28,000 cast members who were laid off and with more to come if the gates stay closed," not everyone agrees that opening up the park would be good for Disneyland employees — or that standing up for the employees is even the real reason behind the protests.

...And some spoke out about who they believed the real (Disney) villain of this entire situation is.

And, remember: #NotAllDisneyFans.

Today, Disneyland employee unions have joined in the fight, telling Newsom in a letter that they believe Disneyland can "open safely when Orange County moves into the [moderate] tier" of California's Blueprint for a Safer Economy.