This ones for the 90s kids! You probably grew up watching animated movies featuring mermaids, beasts, and flying carpets, but have you ever considered who the genius behind the musical lyrics is? Take a peek into the extraordinary life of a legendary lyricist in Disney+'s documentary Howard

The trailer for the upcoming film recently premiered and introduces viewers to Howard Ashman, an American soundtrack writer who wrote for some of your favourite childhood films.

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According to IMDb, Ashman had an untimely death in March 1991 when he died from AIDS-related complications. 

His life and legacy are remembered in the documentary as one man claims that the combination of his talent "and the Walt Disney name was a home run waiting to happen."

Another adds that "the stuff that was coming out of Howard's pen lyrically was just unbelievable."

Text in the trailer writes that Ashman "gave a mermaid her voice and a beast his soul".

That's because Polygon claims that he wrote songs including "Part of Your World" and "Under the Sea" for The Little Mermaid. 

You can also thank him for the catchy lyrics behind Beauty and the Beast's "Be My Guest", though he died before the 1991 animated musical had its world premiere.

Ashman also "pitched the idea of a musical adaptation of Aladdin" which debuted a year after his death, per Polygon. 

The trailer adds that the lyricist worked with American composer, Alan Menken. One man says that the two "captured the imagination of a generation."

"We knew something really special was happening but what we didn't know was that in nine months, Howard would be gone."

Collider claims that you'll get to see interviews with Menken in the upcoming documentary, as well as other important people in Ashman's life.

That includes his sister, longtime partner, Beauty and the Beast's Paige O’Hara, and The Little Mermaid's Jodi Benson. 

"In animation history and musical history, Howard's mark is indelible," a voice says in the trailer. "[His] gift was so strong and his light was so bright that it has not diminished over the years."

Howard premieres on Disney+ on August 7. Check out the trailer below.